A Hill Tribe Student’s Life in Reality

The high mountainous regions in Northern and Western Thailand are home to nearly a million people, who belong to the seven hill tribes in Thailand. Although they live in Thailand, most are not granted Thai citizenship which is the only path to receiving social services, education and health care. In a country where a university education is generally required to enter the workforce, access to these services is vital to provide a path to stability. Without it, hill tribe people depend on farming using traditional methods to continue to survive, and frequently fall prey to those who would exploit them in prostitution or the drug trade.


Hope for Tribes provides scholarships to Christian hill tribe young people who are dreaming of completing their education in university. Without our help these students would not have the means to complete their studies and receive a degree. Along side the student studying to complete their education we teach a Bible course that prepares the student to serve in God’s Kingdom….to go and make disciples among their own tribe and to share this love with the world.